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MaxiCode(2D) barcode verify

MaxiCode is an important member of barcode family.

MaxiCode is a public domain, machine-readable symbol system originally created and used byUnited Parcel Service. Suitable for tracking and managing the shipment of packages, it resembles abarcode, but uses dots arranged in a hexagonal grid instead of bars. MaxiCode has been standardised under ISO/IEC 16023.

A MaxiCode symbol (internally called “Bird’s Eye“, “Target“, or “ups code“) appears as a 1 inch square, with a bullseye in the middle, surrounded by a pattern of hexagonal dots. It can store about 93 characters of information, and up to 8 MaxiCode symbols can be chained together to convey more data. The centered symmetrical bullseye is useful in automatic symbol location regardless of orientation, and it allows MaxiCode symbols to be scanned even on a package traveling rapidly.

MaxiCode symbology was released by UPS in 1992.

MaxiCode example.