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DataMatrix (2D) barcode verify

Standards.Data Matrix was invented by International Data Matrix, Inc. (ID Matrix) which was merged into RVSI/Acuity CiMatrix, who were acquired by Siemens AG in October, 2005 and Ack123 AG in September 2008. Data Matrix is covered today by several ISO/IEC standards and is in the public domain for many applications, which means it can be used free of any licensing or royalties.

  • ISO/IEC 16022:2006—Data Matrix bar code symbology specification
  • ISO/IEC 15415—2-D Print Quality Standard
  • ISO/IEC 15418:2009—Symbol Data Format Semantics (GS1 Application Identifiers and ASC MH10 Data Identifiers and maintenance)
  • ISO/IEC 15424:2008—Data Carrier Identifiers (including Symbology Identifiers) [IDs for distinguishing different bar code types]
  • ISO/IEC 15434:2009—Syntax for high-capacity ADC media (format of data transferred from scanner to software, etc.)
  • ISO/IEC 15459—Unique Identifiers


Data Matrix Barcode Verifier

DataMatrix Structure

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