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Dell’s PPID

for Dell’s PPID Project.

Individual PPID label type to be applied and location on the part will be determined by Dell Engineering and be defined on Dell approved drawings and/or BOMs per the following criteria:  

All piece parts must use a 2D PPID label which includes human readable country of origin.  The label used should be the largest that will fit in the space available.

A special 2D PPID format is required for monitors (Type AD) and speakers (Type AF) on the exterior of the box.  These are “dual format” PPID labels containing both 1D and 2D barcodes. The Type AD is also permitted for use on software kits.  The dual format labels should not be used on other commodities without prior approval.

Enterprisechassis shall be labeled with a 2D PPID that does not include the human readable

Cords to be packed individually in a plastic bag with a type “Z” PPID label affixed to the outside of the plastic bag. Bag must be 4-mil minimum, and of sufficient size to allow a type “Z” label to affix on a flat surface. Bag will be clear with opening heat-sealed.

Verification. Prior to submitting to Dell for verification of compliance the supplier is responsible for the validation that the label meets the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) standards.  The validation will include to a minimum the HRI format is correct and the barcode portion scans in accordance with section 7.0 at a minimum decode ability grade of C or better (A,B,C).  It is the supplier’s responsibility to correct any factors that are needed to comply with this specification.

Verification of compliance will be in accordance with Dell instructions COR.40.WWP.SQ.0204, PPAP for PPID Labels and COR.40.WWP.SQ.0205, PPID Validation Work Instructions.  Data Matrix ECC200 labels shall meet the quality requirements per the ISO/IEC 15415 specification with a grade of ‘C’ or better (A, B, C).  Validation report shall be submitted to the commodity team (including SQE) for approval.

Item Type Name Sample Descriptions
1 Type A    Verdana font or equivalent, bold- 12 pt., all fields-203 DPI printer minimum-Code 128B-13 – 15 mil minimum narrow bar (use lowest density possible while maintaining quiet zone)-0.55” minimum barcode height-0.10” or greater quiet zone- 4” x 2” label size
 2  TypeE    – Verdana font or equivalent, bold-6 pt., all fields-300 DPI printer minimum-Code 128B-5 – 10 mil minimum narrow bar-0.12” minimum barcode height-0.10” or greater quiet zone-2” x .50” label size
Type ZZ     -Verdana font or equivalent, bold- Minimum 6 pt.  human readable font.  8 pt. recommended for “Made In” and “DP/N”.-300 DPI printer minimum. Must meet the contrast and print growth requirements per ISO/IEC 16022 and have a print quality level of ‘C’ or higher per ISO/IER 15415-24×24 row/column Datamatrix ECC200 symbol per ISO/IEC 16022 Data Matrix Specification- 20 mil cell dimension-  Minimum quiet zone all-around barcode compliant with ISO/IEC16022 and ISO/IEC 15415 specifications

– 1.500” x 0.75” label size