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FAQ of Online Barcode Verify

Question: Why do I need Online Barcode Verify (OBV)?

Answer: In real-life label production runs with thermal type printers, bar code image quality can be degraded by conditions that are external to the printer mechanism. Among these:
  – A wrinkled ribbon
  – Label media defects
  – Burned printhead pixels
  – Misaligned media
  – Improperly adjusted heat, speed, or pressure
Any thermal printer, even a top quality model, can print degraded bar codes. No thermal printer is immune. Online Data Validation can help ensure high quality bar codes 100 percent of the time.

Question: Exactly what does OBV do?

Answer:Many conditions cause degraded image quality and the fault is not likely to be seen by the naked eye. This could result in the production of a large number of bad bar codes before the problem is detected.

OBV checks all bar codes for scannability immediately after the labels are printed without any manual intervention. This read-after-print quality control avoids insertion of bad bar codes into the label production run.

Once the bad bar code is identified, OBV cancels it and immediately prints a good replacement. Print production of labels never stops. The result is increased productivity, decreased production costs due to manual intervention and reduced fines due to bad non-scannable bar codes.

Question: How does OBV test bar codes?

Answer:OBV tests each bar code automatically without any host program modification. OBV will:

 – Analyze the incoming data stream and finds every bar code command on every label
 – Print each bar code label, scans each bar code image and tests the bar code to its symbology specifications
 – Correlate every bar code test result with the incoming data stream’s bar code commands

If all the bar codes meet specifications, the label is good and ready for use. If the label does not meet specifications, OBV uses its data stream analysis to cancel the bad label and print a valid replacement label.

Question: How does OBV achieve total bar code quality control?

Answer:OBV achieves total bar code quality control by:

 – Making test results viewable from the printer control panel
 – Sending test results over the printer network for viewing by a customized software
 – Displaying test data and storing it in an XML file. This file can be used by the host computer at a later time to compare the printed bar codes with the data stream sent to the printer