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Barcode Event Recap

MoMo NYC July 25th Barcode Event Recap

Posted by New York on August 3, 2011 under New York

Photo taken by Dean Collins.

Barcode Event Recap

Angie Schottmuller our moderator provided the following personal recap of the our recent barcode event:

Panel Insights

  • There’s a growing demand and hunger for knowledge on the topic.
  • The competition of barcode format/platform differences is somewhat appreciated for technology advancements, but shunned for confusion to consumers.
  • There are underlying ISO standards and telecommunication factors impacting mobile barcodes that can quickly confuse and overwhelm marketers.
  • There’s consensus that marketers need to provide contextual assistance beside codes. (i.e. get a reader app, “scan to ____”, back-up alternatives like SMS or links, etc.)
  • The complexity of testing barcode scannability is growing. (i.e. more readers / mobile devices / barcode types, etc.)
  • Most industry experts see NFC and 2D barcodes as potential partners/sisters, not replacements, in the mobile channel.
  • Industry experts don’t fully agree on best practices or the future of mobile barcodes. (Most differences surface between providers/platforms and UX/marketing specialists.)
  • Although designer mobile barcodes are possible, marketers need to verify if design is necessary and test to ensure design isn’t hindering scan conversion.
  • There’s an increasing need for large players and marketers in the industry to lead by example on best practices.

Post-Panel Discussion Insights

  • Many tech-savvy folks are quick to use mobile barcodes without considering purpose or value-add for the user. (This trend seems to align with the fact that most developers also aren’t in tune with UX design.)
  • Most folks haven’t done testing of codes to ensure scannability.
  • Many attendees claimed awareness of mobile barcodes, but still were uncertain of how to effectively use them.


We have a lot of work to do to educate each other, marketers and consumers.

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Thank you.

This event was made possible due to a generous sponsorship from Goodwin Procter LLP. Thank you Goodwin Procter. We would also like to thank our panelists and attendees for making this sold out event a success.

A special thank you to those who scanned the designer charity: water QR Code created by Delivr. A donation of $5.00 per scan is being made on your behalf by Delivr to charity: water. The offer was limited to attendees of the July25th Mobile Monday Event in New York. Maximum total donation $1000. – David Harper,@davidharper