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AS9132 – Dot Peen Quality Assessment Metrics

AS9132 – Dot Peen Quality Assessment Metrics
Dot Size Dot Center Offset Dot Ovality Angle of Distortion
Description  Measures and comparesthe actual “dot size”to the nominal cell size. No morethan 2% of the dots should be outside this limit.  Measures and compares the actual “dot position” to the nominal cell position. All dots should be within this limit.  Measures the ovality (or roundness)by comparing the difference between the height (“D”) andwidth (“d”) of each dot. Both “D” and “d” are expressed as percentage difference from nominal. Tests and measures the vector deviation of the grid intersections
Result  “Acceptable” = 60% to 105%  “Acceptable” = 0 to 20%  “Acceptable” < = 20%  “Acceptable” = + / – 7%


AS9132 standards

AS9132 for 2D barcode