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A 2D Barcode Verifier

Ack123 BV8900-C, 2D barcode verifier

Ack123 BV8900-C, 2D barcode verifier

1D barcodes and 2D matrix codes – can be employed for checking the marking quality of the codes (verification).

Only the use of a marking with a high quality ensures maximum reading reliability despite the presence of dirt in the production process. Furthermore, verification reduces the production costs, since the requirements concerning material quality and marking equipment are lower.


Supports all major industries and code types through the following verification standards:

  • AIM DPM-1-2006 (future ISO standard)
  • Ack123 DPM
  • ISO/IEC 15415
  • AS9132 Rev. A (previously IAQG)
  • ISO/IEC 15416 (previously ANSI X3.182-1990)

Additional Highlights

  • Different field of view and resolutions available, see following table.
  • Software includes calibration function
  • Simultaneous reading and verification in one field of view
  • Flexible retrofitting of the license onto any device of the BV8900-C series
  • Easy integration of the verification into the automation environment via the BV8900-C and the use of function blocks (FB79 and FB45)


  • Laser marks on packages and components
  • Dot peen marks on power train components
  • Laser marks on automotive electronics componentsAircraft and space industry
  • Dot peen marks on gas turbine blades, engine partsMedical equipment
  • Laser marks on medical device componentsElectronics
  • Laser markings on printed circuit boards, flex circuits Semiconductors
 GS1 Databar (RSS)
2D Symbologies Data Matrix
Micro PDF
All standard linear bar codes


Max Width of Bacode

Focus Distance

X dim (min)


4″ (100mm)

6″ (152mm)

9Mils (.22mm)


2″ (50mm)

5″ (127mm)

6.7Mils (.17mm)


.47″ (12mm)

5″ (127mm)

3Mils (.076mm)